Commercial Solar PV System

Commercial Grid Connect Solar PV

Gecko Solar is a innovative design leader in the Commercial Grid Connect market. Our services are available on a fixed contract basis. We also provide specialist consultation on Commercial Grid Connect if your company wants to know the best options for the future. Time spent planning can save thousands later. We proudly utilise the best components available in our system designs, brands including SMA inverters, Tigo Energy Maximizers, Q.Cells Pv Modules, Unirac Mounting, Radox Cables and Clipsal to name a few, the result is higher efficiencies and lower energy losses to increase your ROI. If you have some roof area available then we can design a Grid Connect system that’s perfect for your company, it’s on of the most recognizable ways to lift your companies green credentials and be making a real difference as well.

Commercial Grid Solar with Battery Backup

Protect your business from lost revenue and downtime due to power blackouts. Suitable for all business’s the SMA SUNNY BACKUP System is modular in design allow for systems ranging from 5kW to over 100kW in either single or three-phase configuration. The system consists of Roof mounted PV Solar Panels, SMA Sunnyboy Grid Inverters, SMA Sunny Backup Inverters, all coupled to a Long Lasting Maintenance Free SLA Battery Bank. The system has a very small footprint and operates silently, and in the event of a “Blackout” the system switches automatically to backup in less than 20 milliseconds. A generator can also be incorporated and is automatically control by the Sunny Backup unit to provide the ultimate in uninterruptable power supply for your business.