Off Grid Solar PV

Gecko Solar specializes in the Design and Installation of Remote Off Grid Solar PV Systems. We offer complete turnkey systems that deliver better than mains quality 240V AC, in either Pad Mount or 20ft Container Enclosures both types utilise Unirac ground mounted PV Arrays.

Pad Mount Systems – Solar2Go

Perfect for the remote homestead or weekend beach house, the Gecko Solar Pad system is pre-built offsite and typically installed in less than a day onsite including ground mounting of the Solar Pv modules on Unirac ISYS mounting system, batteries, inverters and switch gear are enclosed in a Pad mounted fully weatherproof B&R; lockable enclosures, allowing easy access and excellent protection of your investment. Systems are based around SMA”s Sunny Is Inverters including the Si2012, Si2024 and the Si5048 Inverter/charger. Sealed Gel Batteries are also used to minimise maintenance. Available in Single and three phase, with optional Automatic Genset operation. These units can be delivered and installed anywhere in Australia>

SolarContainers and SolarTrailers

The Gecko Solar Drop In Container module is a Rapidly deployable Renewable Power Supply with integrated array framing. It features up to 24x 175 Watt PV modules per 20 Ft. Container(4.2kWp). This allows for a output of nearly 20kWh per day. All Container systems feature the SMA Sunny Island SI5048 in either Single or Three Phase Configuration. The Sunny Island operates a Coupled AC Bus for maximum efficiency and expandability. Please see the SMA Video for further details. Click Here. The container can also house up to six Century Rack Mount Sealed Gel Batteries (6x 48V 600aH = a Massive 48@3600aH Total) and can also accommodate a diesel or petrol genset with automatic control by Sunny Island. Delivery to site is usually on tilt-tray truck and footings options available are slab on ground or convenient screw in piers.

Off Grid Pre-Purchase Info Kit

For additional information please click here to download our pre-purchase info kit. This kit includes our standard off grid solar system sizes, specifications, a self load assessment form and off grid systems brochure. For a site specific quote please complete the load assessment and site details form, and return the completed form either by fax, mail or email.