Solar PV Mains Backup

SMA Sunny Backup Systems

No lights, no Computer, no TV or Refrigeration.

It is very difficult to do anything without electricity and Blackouts are all to common these days.

With the New SMA Sunny Backup Solar Power System you can totally protect your home and family from blackouts. The Sunny Backup System automatically switches your home/business over to a Solar/Battery backup supply in less than 20 milliseconds of grid failure ‘blackout’, so fast you wont even notice and more importantly electronic devices such as computers wont reset or glitch.

Suitable for Medium to Large Homes the SUNNY BACKUP SETS M / L / XL modular in design allow for systems ranging from 5kW to over 100kW in either single or three-phase operation. The system consists of Roof mounted PV Solar Panels, a Sunnyboy Grid Inverter, and a Sunny Backup 5000 coupled to a SLA Battery Bank and can be retrofitted onto existing Solar Grid Connected homes or as a complete design, supply and Designer solution for new homes. The system has a very small footprint and operates silently, and because you have both solar and battery as your backup supply you can go for days and days in “Blackout” and not lose power for a single second! The battery bank we use is a maintains free gel type so there’s hassle’s with checking electrolyte levels etc. Also a generator can also be incorporated into the system and is controlled with autostart and stop by the Sunny Backup unit to provide the ultimate in fully automatic uninterruptable power supply.